4 Ways To Make Your Love a Priority and Improve Your Relationshp

Life is busy, but you knew that. Work, laundry, dinner and dishes take more time than they should. Throw in hobbies, cleaning, friends, family, pets and everything else in between and it is no wonder why relationships can take the back seat to the fast pace of life. For many (most hopefully) their relationship with their partner is their number one priority, it is right up there with dogs because, well, I live in Seattle. Even though relationships top the list of priorities, sometimes the time and effort dedicated to them don't line up with that. Making your love a priority should not be something you do when you have time for it; it needs to be something you make time for. Here is a list of 4 things you can do to help make your love a priority.

#1 Schedule Time with Your Partner

Looking over schedules and trying to find time to pencil each other in might not sound like your idea of romance, but I would encourage you to work ‘making your love a priority by any means necessary' into how you define romance. Asking your partner what they are doing over the weekend or if they are free to hang out next Saturday shouldn't feel strange or taboo. Sometimes couples operate under the assumption that if neither them have anything going on then they will hang out together, which is fine but being intentional and showing your partner that you want to spend time with them instead of it feeling like a fallback or status quo can make a huge difference.

#2 Set up Date Nights

I'm guessing a big reason your partner agreed to marry you is because of who you are but also because of all the good times and memories you made when you were dating each other. Unfortunately, couples often trade in their dating life for routine and then years later wonder where the romance and passion has gone. Ask your partner out, set up weekly or bi-monthly times for you to go out and recapture the romance. Too many couples scratch their heads and look to their partner for help when asked when was the last time they went out on a date with each other. If you are able to make time for football, golf, and/or Game of Thrones every week but haven't been able to keep a consistent date night, well then it might be time to make your love a higher priority.

#3 Set Reminders

People have reminders to take out the trash, pay the bills, meet friends for lunch, call their parents, and countless other things. People do this because they don't want to forget about the things that they need and want to do. Your relationship is no different. If you have trouble remembering to do something sweet for your significant other, or maybe you recognize that you are in a busy season of your life, then there should be no shame in setting reminders on your phone, or in your planner to make your love a priority. Reminding yourself to write a card, buy flowers, schedule a date, or to even tell your partner how much you appreciate them, can do wonders for your relationship. Being spontaneous can be fun and is important to a relationship, but being intentional is what lasting relationships are built on. 

#4 Make Date Night a Financial Priority

Some couples fall out of dating because they believe it is too expensive or that they can't afford it. For those couples, I would ask them to re-prioritize their finances to express their personal priorities. Often couples who believe they can't afford dating do not recognize the things they are prioritizing over their relationship. Cable internet, TV, music, video games, nail salons, dinner with friends, hobbies, Sunday football and more all get their fair share of financial attention. Most couples absolutely can afford to have a date night they just have to look over their monthly expenses and reprioritize how they spend their money. Think about it, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, cable TV, internet, cell phones, Amazon prime, and more all get their monthly allotment before finances for a date night are considered. People have the money for dates, it is just not a priority. 


Most people would not hesitate to say that their significant other is one of if not the most important thing in their life. But if you are waiting for the fast pace of life to slow down before you can make your love a priority then chances are you will be waiting for a long time. Hopefully doing some of the things listed above will help you prioritize your love in a way that shows your partner how much they really mean to you.