Book Recommendation

Book Recommendation: Marriage, A History

Marriage, A History. By Stephanie Coontz is an extensive look at the history of marriage and how it has evolved over the course of human history. That might not sound exciting to you, but it should be. The book is incredible and shows how marriage has gone from a logical and emotionless decision to one solely based on love and emotion. You will be entertained and enlightened and honestly you should have already bought this book yesterday. Full disclosure if you click the link and buy the book or anything else I make money. Like, making it rain pennies, and maybe even a few nickels kind of money.

The Power Of Habit

Book Recommendation: The Power of Habit

We are two weeks into 2017, which probably means a lot of people have already missed the mark on their new year’s resolutions. Changing our habits can be difficult especially if we don’t understand why we do some of the things we do in the first place. The Power of Habit explains how habits (good or bad) are created and gives advice and insight on how to make changes. I found the book incredibly informative and any book that gives me insight into my own life and challenges me to personally make changes is deserving of a recommendation. So if you, like most people, struggle with New Year’s resolutions, creating healthier habits, or just want to learn more about understanding how habits are unconsciously created, I would recommend checking this book out.

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If you buy this book or anything from amazon after clicking the link I get money from amazon. Not making it rain kind of money, more like by the end of the year maybe I can take my wife out to dinner kind of money.